Advanced Process Control

Enhance System and Operational Efficiency Using Advanced Process Control

If you’re like most manufacturers, your company’s intellectual capital resides within your individual resources. Whenever these resources take time off or retire, they take their knowledge with them, and your efficiency suffers. The sure way to keep your operation running efficiently is to capture that intellectual capital within the process itself. You can make it happen with 特立独行的 Technologies’ advanced process control consulting services.

多年来, 特立独行的 has helped manufacturers in highly complex industries enhance their systems and improve operating efficiency through advanced process control (APC). APC reduces process instability, resulting in more uniform product quality, yield improvements and reduction in energy usage. 在需要的时候, APC allows for operation closer to constraints, improving throughput, productivity and profitability.

特立独行的 helped us implement a solution that resulted in more stable reactor temperature control.

— Satisfied Customer, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Specific APC service areas

过程自动化 服务

我们的 team provides model predictive control, advanced supervisory control, advanced regulatory control, soft sensor (inferred property) technology and knowledge-based control. We handle custom automation for complex operations and recommend solutions without bias for any particular technology.

Project Justifications

We help identify opportunities for improving process control and demonstrate the potential payback of implementation.

Operations Improvement

特立独行的 designs, selects and implements advanced controls for improved operations such as yield improvements.


特立独行的’s APC and process automation services, combined with reliable soft sensor technology, you will ensure stable processes and consistent product quality.

Energy Cost Reduction

我们利用 APC to reduce energy consumption for more energy-efficient, environmentally responsible operations.


We relieve process operators of tedious tasks, thereby allowing them to make economically important decisions that result in greater unit productivity. We also ensure that they receive complete training on APC solutions so they can do their jobs easier.

Comprehensive Support

我们的 team maintains your systems with ongoing APC support and call out service as needed.


See how 特立独行的 works with customers to overcome unique challenges in the industry.
Major Chemical Manufacturer Reduces Waste Disposal Costs through Advanced Process Control (APC)
Hydrotreater Advanced Process Control (APC) Improves Control of Product Sulfur Content, Reduces Fuel 气体 and Hydrogen Consumption, and Extends Catalyst Life
Major Plastics Manufacturer Increases Production and Reduces Operator Workload through Advanced Process Control (APC)

Advanced Process Control Consulting Expertise

Every project benefits from our deep experience in a variety of industries and technologies. 我们的 proven execution methodology guides our process to ensure that we implement solutions in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner, meeting or exceeding your project goals. 我们的 APC solutions are platform-independent, scalable and sustainable, allowing you to continue experiencing benefits as you grow. Enjoy greater efficiency, reliability and predictability for your operations with 特立独行的.