Does the thought of a control system migration keep you up at night?

The challenge of managing the upgrade and migration of your facility’s legacy control systems can be both exciting and overwhelming. To determine the best path forward, you must carefully weigh the facts to fully understand which path holds the most risk and which one yields the best return on investment (ROI).

However, like most people, you probably have more questions than answers.

特立独行的发现 独特的 answers for these problems.

How do I get the funding and ensure ROI for a distributed control system (DCS) upgrade or migration?

Who are the stakeholders and how should they be engaged?

How does upfront planning impact total project cost?

What happens if my control system fails and I don’t have the parts and people to fix it?

How long can I continue to support my existing control system?

How do I leverage the latest technologies?

How do I make sure personnel can effectively navigate HMI screens and respond to critical alarms quickly and accurately?

How do I keep my DCS network secure?

How do I subjectively evaluate vendor capabilities?

How do I identify opportunities for system innovations that will make our new system more safe, efficient and user-friendly?

Customized Solutions

How you answer these questions and deal with the challenges associated with them will have a major impact on the outcome. Any project requires an enormous amount of work, and the risks can be high without the right team of experts and proper planning. A DCS should deliver value throughout its entire lifecycle.


The success or failure of your facility’s migration project largely depends on proper up-front planning, investigation and discovery.

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Platform Independent

Find the Best Path Forward

Performing more than 50 migration projects per year has allowed us to develop a proven full-service, platform-independent DCS migration process that helps operations become safer; production more efficient; and the automation systems more reliable, maintainable and easier-to-use. We call it our DCSNext® 解决方案.

From the planning phase of a project through post-migration support, MAVERICK Technologies will help you look at your process operations in new ways and then propose the right 解决方案 for your business – one that leverages the latest technology and innovations to improve productivity, profitability and agility. Partner with us, and together we will find the best path forward.


Find the answers to your DCS migration and programmable logic controller (PLC) upgrade questions through MAVERICK’s extensive knowledge base.


Learn about how DCSNext can help you bring innovation to your DCS migration.


The Essential Guide to a Successful DCS迁移

This webinar will help replace fear with facts as you consider an upgrade of your existing DCS, or a migration to a completely new platform.

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Are you considering a Control System Migration?

Control System Platform Selection Video

Control System Platform Selection

The experts at MAVERICK Technologies explain the value of working with a platform independent systems integrator to help you select the right control system platform.

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